Painting Class

Ages 3-4 years

Preschool is a big year. We will help balance academic learning with emotional, social and cognitive skills to help prepare for the transition into Kindergarten.

Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program follows the Creative Curriculum to work on developmental objectives tailored to each child.

Regular assessments allow us to monitor milestones and provide extra support when needed. 

Systems such as CLASS help our teachers create active learning moments which are proven to help with engagement, interest and creative thinking. 

Our Classrooms

Sensory Area

A sensory area filled with ways for preschoolers to actively use their senses to explore their world. Sand, water, rice, playdough and more.

Reading Area

A cozy reading area with books in at least 6 different genres to spark interest in all preschoolers and encourage exploration and reading with teachers and friends.

Art Area

An art area filled with different art mediums for preschoolers to explore so they can start working on self expression and creativity.

Manipulative Area

Dramatic Play Area

A  manipulative area filled with puzzles, blocks, sorting toys and more where preschoolers can explore cause and affect and work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

A dramatic play area that takes the imagination to the next level. Filled with items to encourage pretend play and language development.

Sample Schedule












Early Care-Breakfast/Quiet Time

Individual Play Time- Child Led Play and Discovery.

Circle Time- Books + Songs

Sensory or Art Activity

Morning Snack

Gross Motor Activities-Outside Play

Story Time

Quiet/Rest Time

Gross Motor Activities- Outside Play

Afternoon Snack

Individual Play Time